Melina Laukka // KYDA
Melina Laukka

Melina Laukka

Melina Laukka (24), Turku, Finland

Why volunteer? I wish to get experience about developing countries and its social issues. I hope to learn something and also to give something back to the organisation and to the project.
Work experience: Municipal social worker both adults and child care
Plans for the future: Finish my Master’s Thesis, startup my own therapy clinic and enjoy life – to be happy.
Project: Kawempe Youth Development Association (KYDA)
Duration: 3 months
Tasks: Social worker duties: home visiting, HIV/AIDS support to youth and orphans, preparing educational materials, participating in reach outs, handing out scholastic material etc.
Accommodation: Guesthouse (This is my own choice, host family is also available next to the work place). From guesthouse to workplace its 40 min, which means $35 additional transportation cost per month
Working time: Mon – Fri 8.30-16, sometimes reachouts during Saturdays
Emotions after 3 weeks: I’m happy that they took me so well into the organisation –  I feel I’m working as equal partner and I am one member of the team. At the moment I still have some difficulties in getting the bigger picture, but I hope to get it – it only comes when you are active yourself. I try to give my own ideas and it looks like they appreciate it.
Suggestions to future volunteers: Be active and ask lots of  questions.
About KYDA: KYDA (Kawempe Youth Develpment Association) mainly targets youth aged 10-24 and main emphasis is on vulnerable children – school drop outs, street children, drug abusers, teenage mothers, HIV/AIDS orphans and infected people.
KYDA was established in 2005, currently employs 6 people and usually 2-4 volunteers and/or interns from Makerere University.
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