Kikooba, Jul 2010

UPA (Uganda Pioneers’ Organisation), along with some of their partner organizations, organized three simultaneous work camps during the month of July.

Kikooba work camp (UPA)

Kikooba work camp (UPA)

The main purpose of this work camp in Kikooba was to build a house for a medical volunteer. Local and international volunteers, men and women, old and young joined efforts in this project which will help improve the health and overall living standards of this community.

This project counted with the participation of 3 local volunteers and 2 international volunteers who joined efforts with the local community in order to fulfill the objectives of the work camp. The sole presence of the volunteers enlightened the community of Kikooba which received the volunteers with open hands and smiles.

A day in Kikooba:

The days started early in the morning with the sounds of the chicken singing and kids playing. Breakfast was served by the women of the local community and consisted of traditional African dishes like mandazis and chapatis which were served accompanied with tea.

After having breakfast the volunteers started working. The work they did was diverse and not limited to the construction of the house. The volunteers also participated in visits to the local community or giving drawing and sports lessons to the kids of a nearby school. Lunch was served after work and also constituted of traditional dishes such as matooke, posho, beans and meat. In the afternoons, the volunteers did a bit of work but had most of the time free. Some of the volunteers used this time to train the kids’ from the community football early in the afternoons while later on matches of football with the habitants of Kikooba took place. Other volunteers used this time to rest, explore the areas surrounding the camp, or play with some of the local kids.

During the nights a campfire was made every night in which the volunteers talked about what they liked and disliked of their day in order to try to make every day a better day. Later on the night the volunteers could go to play a match of pool in the local bars or just relax at the work camp and plan the activities for the next day. The volunteers worked 5 days a week and during weekends they had the chance to explore the nearby mountains or discovering the mythical source of the Nile.


Uganda Pioneers' Association

Kikooba work camp (UPA)

Byamukama Andrew Mayenja– Kampala, Uganda- Local volunteer
Friederike Seifert– Erfurt, Germany- International volunteer
Jurundu Wilson– Arua, Uganda- Local volunteer
Muswengali Faruk– Kampala, Uganda- Camp leader
Sarah Tobschall – Dortmund, Germany- International volunteer

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