Located approximately 50 kilometers by road from Arua, Terego is UPA’s most northern branch. It is also UPA’s most recent branch. Terego lies in Arua district, close to Uganda’s borders with Sudan and the DRC. Having already provided several volunteers for workcamps in Arua, Terego will start hosting their own workcamps in 2012.

From Kampala, the bus ride to Arua will take about seven to eight hours on tarmac road. Reaching Terego from Arua is only possible on top of a pick-up truck (or by means of a special-hire), making for an exciting and unforgettable experience.

Once there, the people in Terego will give you a very warm welcome, and you will experience that life in the village so close to Sudan and the DRC will prove to be quite different from life in Kampala.

For upcoming workcamps in Terego, check under short-term projects.


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