Arua is the main town in Uganda’s West Nile region, located close to the borders with Congo and Sudan. A very good tarmac road connects Arua to Kampala, and the town can easily be reached by bus within seven to eight hours. Arua is, although pretty isolated, a very lively place. Arua also houses one of Uganda’s largest markets.

The community in Arua consists of mixed tribes, and HIV/AIDS is widespread. The Arua branch hosted several workcamps on HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, learning infected people how to stay save and positive. The branch also started year-round activities, such as a gender youth club and a child development club. The latter comes together every Saturday to talk about religious issues and to teach crafts and life-skills. Arua branch itself meets every Saturday to discuss their activities. Arua branch also started a school for HIV/AIDS infected children, St. Juliana’s … School. For this project they are looking for Medium to Long Term Volunteers (see our long-term projects section for more information). In the future the Arua branch is thinking of organizing workcamps on, for example, malaria prevention / health education / sanitation.

Arua has hosted German, Belgium and Irish volunteers, and provided volunteers for workcamps in the different UPA branches.

Recently, the branch had to move from their old office, and their new office is not yet completed.

For upcoming workcamps in Arua, check under short-term projects.







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