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Background The Midterm Volunteer Programme (MLTV programme) is an international volunteer exchange programme under Uganda Pioneers’ Association (UPA). UPA has hosted international volunteers since the organisation was started in 1989. The MLTV programme was introduced in 2002 as a result of a need for extending the volunteer placements. UPA uses volunteer exchange as a tool for fulfilling its overall aim:

  • To promote community based development, intercultural cooperation and youth participation through voluntary work.


The objectives of the MLTV programme are to:

  • Contribute to the development of community based social services
  • Promote and improve natural and acquired skills useful to the community
  • Promote and exchange cultures in order to create friendship and mutual understanding
  • Encourage the youth as dynamic age group to take leading roles in development
  • To provide extra free labour where institutions can not pay.


The MTV programme offers opportunities for volunteers (MLTVs) to live and work in Uganda for a period of 1 to 12 months. The programme target qualified and committed young people with little or with some practical and professional skills.


UPA is looking for an experienced volunteer to facilitate and develop the MTV programme in close cooperation with UPA Staff

Aim To continuously improve, appraise and develop the MLTV programme


Activities The activities in the MLTV programme can be summarised as:

Communication with sending organisations, match placements with MLTVs, introduction of MLTVs to UPA, Uganda and host places, communication with MLTVs, conduct weekly Guesthouse meetings, monitoring of wellbeing of MLTVs, monitor placement and work, evaluation of MLTV placement. Locate new MLTV placements and improve the programme framework, updating UPA website, improving on UPA’s database, asssting UPA staff, etc

Volunteer task 
  • To participate in the daily running of the programme
  • Participate in the preparation/orientation of incoming volunteers.
  • To participate in making first contacts, appraising new and potential MLTV projects.
  • Participate in drawing up and/ or revising  profiles for MLTV projects
  • Draw strategies for improving the LMTV programme.
  • Participate in designing and organizing evaluations for LMTV’s.
  • Explore the possibilities of MLTV placements with UPA Branches.
  • To continuously update the MLTV guidebook
  • Create new contacts to other international sending organisations
  • To identify ways for fundraising
  • Publish a monthly online newsletter and Printed newsletter every six months on UPA activities and the general International volunteer programme.

Note :

All the above should be accomplished in close collaboration with other members of UPA staff.

Volunteer qualities 
  • Demonstration of prior experience from international volunteer programmes and/or work camps
  • Creative and full of good ideas
  • Very good intercultural communication skills and able to deal with different ethnic groups
  • Patience and able to work using few resources and basic facilities
  • Willing to travel extensively with local busses and be accommodated locally
  • Willing to work with UPA for a minimum of 6 months
Rating   Low Medium High
Educational     X
Practical   X  
Room for new initiatives     X
Emotional challenging   X  
Work load   X  
Rating by MTVs      
Working hours 09:00am-04:00pm, Monday to Friday.


Transport UPA head office is adjacent to the Guesthouse, there for no transport cost will be incurred unless a volunteer is being given accommodation out side the Guesthouse


Accommodation UPA Guesthouse


Comments from UPA The volunteer will work from UPA secretariat. The secretariat consists of 3 staff, and local volunteers. The facilities are basic, the computers overworked, power is on and off and the internet is up and down. The volunteer will work under the supervision of UPA Staff



Communication UPA Secretariat on  uganda_pioneers22@hotmail.com


Past Volunteers From Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Denmark, Estonia




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