Step by Step


Step by Step Primary School in Nansana is located at walking distance from the UPA guesthouse (+/- 5 min). The school counts about 240 children aged 3-12 (nursery and P1-P7). Volunteers will be placed according to where they are needed. It is also possible that lessons or classes will be shared with multiple teachers.

Because Step by Step is a school, it prefers volunteers to arrive one week before the start of semesters. That way volunteers can have the opportunity to be introduced to the school and to the teaching methods used.


Step by Step Primary school



Background The school was established in February 2007. Since then it recruited 13 teachers and there are about 200 pupils from the age of 4-13.  The school is non-governmental institution and has no financier
Aim Improve literacy and give the  volunteer a feel of the education system in Uganda
  • Teach children of the age 4-12 years
  • Play games with children for example sports.
Volunteer task 
  • Mainly to teach Math and English
  • Play games and sports with children.
  • Music, dance and drama
Volunteer qualities
  • Experience in teaching desirable but not necessary
  • Affinity to children
  • Adaptable to local teaching culture  in Uganda
Holiday December-February , April-May and August-September
Rating Low Medium High
Educational X
Practical X
Room for new initiatives X
Emotional challenging X
Work load X
Rating by  Volunteers
Working hours The volunteer will work from 08.00 to 16.00. Monday to Friday
Transport It is a Walking distance and takes 10 minutes to get there from UPA guest house
Accommodation UPA Guesthouse in Nansana
Comments from UPA A volunteer will teach and also be able to engage in other volunteer projects since teaching will be for only 3 hours, or specific days agreed at the project.
Communication Most of the children at the age of 7-12 will be able to speak English. The teachers at the school speak English
Past Volunteers From Japan, Netherland, Korea, Spain and Denmark



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