St. Stephen School

St. Stephen Nursery and Primary school


Background Information


St Stephen children’s centre is a community based organization founded in 2005.  It was established with initiative of the community members to cater for the needs of orphaned and needy children through care, compassion and assistance in rural areas.The organization started a children’s school in 2006 to provide nursery and primary education to orphaned and needy children from families affected by HIV/AIDS.

St. Stephen children’s centre provides education opportunities to the orphaned and needy children regardless of sex religion and tribal affiliation.

Since inception, the organization has supported over 350 pupils from poor families through education at st. Stephen primary school and capacity building for those youth who were not able to attend high school education by facilitating their training in areas like building and concrete practice, carpentry and joinery, tailoring and farming to enable them become self reliant.

Stephen children’s centre is located at Luyiiyi-kaate in Makondo parish, Ndagwe sub county in Masaka district. The distance from Kampala capital city is about 110 miles.

The organization also runs a school at its centre with nursery and primary education in addition to other projects like send a hen and  goat projects.


Aim  Working together to promote well being of children affected by HIV/AIDS in rural poor families through care, compassion and assistance. 
  • Teaching pupils at St.Stephen nursery and primary school and teaching at sister school [ Mayira primary school-our sister school- found in Lwengo sub-county also in Masaka district]
  • Training youth in entrepreneurship skills.
  • Hand crafts.
  • Music dance and drama.
  • Discussions on other crosscutting issues like HIV/AIDS, gender and primary health care
Volunteer task
  • Volunteers will get involved in teaching at St.Stephen primary school with assistance of local teachers.
  • Involve in outreach program like visiting beneficiary families in rural communities
  • Distribution of scholastic and clothes materials to orphaned pupils.
  • Help in making toys and crafts used by pupils.
  • Sports, music and dance.
  • Help in monitoring and evaluation of St.Stephen projects.
  • Assist in project feasibility study and proposal development.
  • Correspondence with international friends
Volunteer qualities 
  • Social and ability to adjust to local/rural situations
  • Ability to work with children.
  • Ability to communicate in English.
  • Generally with good interpersonal relationship
Rating  Low Medium High
Educational X
Practical X
Room for new initiatives X
Emotional challenging X
Work load X
Rating by MTVs X
Working hours Working hours begin from 8:20 to 4:30 though with outreach activities hours may extend by one hour.Working days Monday to Friday.

The volunteer may wish to move during working days , she/he will be free provided the administration is informed


Transport  Since accommodation is in same village. No transport is required from and to project/. Walking distance.
Accommodation Accommodation is available at the host/ Director’s home/ family or from a community or in rooms owned by St.Stephen in Luyiiyi trading centre.  Basic facilities are available like a bed, blanket, bed sheet, table, chair and other facilities. 
Comments from UPA For one interested in down to earth or rural settings, St Stephen will answer your need. It is an opportunity to see real Ugandan countryside. 
Communication We communicate in English with the administration /staff however with local communities a lot of local language is dominant, so translation shall be done by our staff.
Past Volunteers   Korea




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