Rockbase School

ROCKBASE PRIMARY SCHOOL – Namungoona (Kampala)


Background The school was established in 1998 from Nursery to Primary three. Over the years, the school has grown to a fully fledged primary school. Registered with the Ministry of education.
  • To enable children of low income earners and other disadvantaged children to access quality education.
  • To help other residents in the area to avoid traveling to distant school. Thus minimizing expenditure and risks on the way
  • To produce good citizens by putting emphasis on moral up bringing
  • To produce citizens with practical skills by encouraging vocational training as well as games and sports


  • Teaching children of the age 4-12 subjects of Mathematics and English
  • Sports
Volunteer Tasks
  • To encourage children practice their spoken English
  • To share games and sports skills with children in different aspects of life.
  • To give children vocational training in different aspects of life.
Volunteer Qualities
  • Ability to adapt to local ways of living and interact freely with the population
  • Innovative and knowledge of social work and administration
Rating Educational                                                                                     X
Practical                                                                                          X
Room for new initiatives                                     X
Emotional challenging                                                                     X
Work load                                                                                       X
Rating by MTVs                                                                            X
Working hours 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday
Transport It’s about 4km from UPA Guesthouse to the place. And takes about 30-45 minutes drive from the guesthouse by public means, will cost about 1,000 Uganda Shilling to and from
Accommodation At UPA guesthouse
Comments from UPA A volunteer can teach and also be able to engage in other volunteer projects since the teaching will be for only 3 hours on specific days agreed at the start of the project.


All volunteers choosing school project should always remember to consider the school holidays when the schools are closed in April, August – September and December to Early February.

Communication Most of the local population speak English, however a translator will be engaged where necessary
Past Volunteers From USA, Italy

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