Reach Out Mbuya

Reach out Mbuya


Background This is a faith based organization under our Lady of Africa church Mbuya, Kampala. It started in May 2001 with 14 clients but now cares for over 2223 clients and 999 are receiving free ARVs. it has a catchment’s area population of 60,000
Aim To provide medical care, social, spiritual and emotional support to poor people in Mbuya parish living with HIV/AIDS
  • The medical department provides medical care; prophylaxis, ART, treatment of TB and other opportunistic infections.
  • Through the World Food Programme, Mbuya provides nutritional support to the clients who need it.
  • Follow ups are also done for the clients in there homes
  • Counseling of clients during there treatment.
  • Mbuya also supports children of its clients by providing them school fees.
Volunteer task 
  • Nutritional support
  • Counseling
  • Prevention work in communities, schools and workplaces
  • Volunteers may also be involved in treatment of patients if they have a medical background.
Volunteer qualities 
  • Mbuya requires that a volunteer has medical background. This could be as a nurse, Doctor, or any other related field.
Rating Low Medium High
Educational X
Practical X
Room for new initiatives X
Emotional challenging X
Work load X
Rating by Volunteers X
Working hours The volunteers are required to be at the office at 08.00 and work will finish at 17.00. However during reach outs to clients volunteers may work longer hours.
Transport The mission is in Kampala. It will take the volunteer an hour or one- half hours (in rush hours) by public means to get there, and will approximately cost 4,000 Uganda shillings to and from.
Accommodation UPA guesthouse in Nansana.
Comments from UPA Mbuya is a place that will give a person with medical background good experience and exposure to different conditions in Africa regarding the fight against HIV/AIDS.  It is a much organised project, strict on time and challenging for volunteers staying at UPA Guest house because of its location. Therefore, a volunteer choosing this project should be ready to wake up as early as 6.00 am and make it through the bothering Kampala traffic jam to and from the project.
Communication The clients hardly speak English; however a translator will be at hand to help volunteers without the command of the local language.
Past Volunteers From Denmark, Netherlands, Japan, Korea



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