Prince Tembo School

Prince Tembo Infant and Primary School


Background Prince Tembo Infant and Primary School Kiweebwa is a private School founded in 2000. It started after a felt need of having a School close to Kiweebwa to ease the long distance traveled by the infant in this area. To day, the School has classes from Nursery to Primary Six.
  • To provide quality Education to orphaned and vulnerable children
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Leadership skills and training
  • Teach English and Mathematics
  • Administrative work


Volunteer tasks
  • Teach mainly the subjects of Mathematics and English
  • Partially will assist in administrative work
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Leadership Skills and Training


Volunteer qualities
  • Flexibility in working with children mostly those aged between 3-12 years
  • Open heart and mind to accommodate the situation on ground
  • A person welcoming dialogue as a of means correction
  • Being patient


Low Medium High
Educational X
Practical X
Room for new initiatives X
Emotional Challenging X
Work load X
Rating by volunteers


Working hours The Volunteer is expected to work from 08:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday

Note: Holidays

December to February

April to May

August to September

Transport The School is located 24 Kilometers Bombo road
Accommodation Rented rooms with power but without running water, however bore hall is available
Comments from UPA Prince Tembo school is in the city suburb, the population there will reflect a more of semi urban setting with characters of rural anduburn communities. For somebody who has interest in interacting with real stages of growth this is one opportunity.
Communication The School official mode of Communication is English and Pupils understand it. However, communication with other members of the community may not be as easy but possibilities for translation is abundant
Past Volunteers None

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