NoveBluesky School

NoveBluesky Education Center (School for children with special needs)


Background NoveBluesky was established with the main goal of enabling children with special needs achieve real success Life. This is being through the five programs that have been established by the organization in view of the stated objectives. These programs are;

  • The education program
  • The talents program
  • Foster family program
  • Job training and placement program
  • Community based program
Aim Offer children with special needs academic and vocation education
  • Normal education
  • Vocational training in;
  • Tie and dye, Screen printing and Fine Art
  • Wood work, Making paper bags, beads , bugles and paper files
  • Electronics
  • Building
Volunteer task 
  • Teach children of the ages 4-12 years in the subjects of Math and English.
  • Play games with children for example sports
  • Teach children vocation trainings in different aspect of life
Volunteer qualities 
  • Independent
  • Creative
  • Good knowledge of social work and administration.
Rating   Low Medium High
Educational     X
Practical     X
Room for new initiatives     X
Emotional challenging     X
Work load     X
Rating by  Volunteers      
Working hours The volunteer will work from 08.00 to 16.00. Monday to Friday.
Transport It takes 10 minutes to get there from UPA guest house, no cost because the distance is near to the Guesthouse premises
Accommodation Accommodation will be at the UPA guest house in Nansana or maybe hosted directly at the project.
Comments from UPA NoveBluesky Education Center ( School for children with special needs)

Is a new placement that is suitable for volunteers that are creative and can work for long hours

Communication Most of the local population can speak English. A translator will be at hand for help in case the person can not speak English
Past volunteers From Germany, Netherlands, Korea, Spain and Israel

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