Muslim Youth Against HIV/AIDS





Muslim Youth Against HIV (MYA) group is a community based organisation which was started in 2004 by a group of Muslim youths with a mission of combating the HIV pandemic by addressing causes and providing the orphans with the necessary tools for acquiring a positive livelihood. Despite the name, the organisation does not have any bias or does not discriminate against any religion but originally had a bias on mainly the Muslim youth. Today the institution integrates all people irrespective of any religious, cultural or any other background.
Aim To empower the orphans, youth and women with self reliance skills through training and capacity building on peer health and education.
Activities Peer education for students and out of school about HIV/AIDS and behaviour change (AB) messages.

Psychosocial support to people living with HIV/AIDS

Training orphans, and women in entrepreneurship skills

Visiting orphans and vulnerable children at their homes for guidance and counseling.

Volunteer Tasks Teaching English, Mathematics and games


Home visits to Orphans

Outreaches to schools together with the staff

Volunteer Qualities Emotionally strong

Adoptable to local teaching culture in Uganda

Having knowledge on peer education

Requires a person with commitment to live in a multicultural setting.

Ready to work with the orphans and people with HIV/AIDS


                                   LOW     MEDIUM           HIGH

Educational                                          X
Practical                                                                                 X
Room for New

Initiatives                                                                              X


Challenging                                                                            X

Workload                                           X
Rating by MTVs                                X
Working Hours  From 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Saturday


This project is located just 200m from the Uganda-Kenya boarder. It costs 15,000 from Kampala to Busia.
Accommodation The Volunteer will be accommodated in a host family that is in a walking distance from the project.
Comments from UPA MYA is a new partner project with UPA. It is therefore recommendable for a volunteer with a high self motivation and self driven with zeal to start processes. One with a high interest in getting exposure to a highly multicultural setting is also welcome.

The project is located in what is referred as transit towns and has a fertile ground for any who wishes to learn the living style of such people. It is quite different from other communities. Since it across the boarder, arranging travel to see parts of nearby Kenya is there too.

Communication The people in this area mostly speak Swahili though most of them are fluent in English.
Past Volunteers None


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