Background Kiyita is a registered indigenous, community based non governmental organisation with its headquarters in Nansana – Wakiso District. In light of the growing incidence of HIV/AIDS and its adverse socio-economic impact, the need for establishing of a proactive community led initiative to mitigate the socio-economic impact of AIDS was fore seen and Kiyita Family Alliance for Development was initiated
Aim To contribute to increased access to comprehensive HIV/AIDS treatment, home based care and support to People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).
  • Community HIV/AIDS care, support and referral services.
  • Support to Orphan and Vulnerable Children with quality education
  • Provision of material support to the most vulnerable.
Volunteer task 
  • Visiting families and explain the importance of using contraceptives.
  • To be part in drawing fundraising avenues/plan to raise money for community activities
  • To raise awareness about health, education and sanitation
Working hours Typically Monday- to Friday, 8:00 am-17:00 pm, but may vary depending on the project.  This may include Saturdays and Sundays
Transport KIFAD is located only about 2km from UPA Guest house. A volunteer may walk to the project or choose to spend at least Uganda shillings 600 in public transport by mini bus.
Accommodation A Volunteer may opt to stay at UPA Guest house or KIFAD offers to host them in a home of their Executive member.
Comments from UPA KIFAD is a small organisation but may be an interesting organisation to work with. It reflects a grass-root organisation that strives to do a lot in the meagre available resources.


It is one organisation that can provide a very good learning environment to volunteers because of its commitment to networking with several Civil Society organisations.


Over the years, the project has grown and is starting to specilaise and will now prefer volunteers with a particular qualification.

Communication Communication with KIFAD members and staff is easy as most are educated. Not all orphans and their client families speak good English.
Past Volunteers From UK, Netherlands, USA, German, Spain




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