City View School

city view school

City View Nursery and Primary School


Background City View Nursery and Primary School is located in Kasubi, Kampala. The school targets the poorest students in the neighborhoods.There are 40 children in the Nursery school and 50 students from Primary 1 – Primary 6.

The school really needs volunteer teachers as there are currently only 4 teachers for 7 classes.


Activities Work with the rest of the staff to provide quality education to the children

  • Teaching children (English, Mathematics)
  • Play games and sports with children
  • Teach music, dance and drama
  • Other things you are good at and would like to do at the school or with the children
Volunteer qualities 
  • Independent and flexible.
  • Having skills in caring for children.
  • Command of good communication skills
Rating Low Medium High
Educational X
Practical X
Room for new initiatives X
Emotional challenging X
Work load X
Rating by MTVs x
Working hours Mon-Fri 08.00 to 16:00hrs
Location, amenities and Transport The school is located in Kasubi, 45 minutes by taxi (1700Ush) from the Guesthouse (and 20 minutes from Kampala City). The school has no electricity and no running water.
Accommodation UPA Guesthouse
Comments from UPA This is a rather new school for us. Therefore it’s good not to have too high expectations.
Communication Communication with School staff is easy as most are educated.
Past Volunteers From Japan, Netherland





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