Central Branch / Pioneer Youth Center

Central Branch


Background Central branch is the first local branch established in 1996 by the founders of UPA and a group of young volunteers within Nansana, Wakiso District. Central branch has been instrumental in the development of UPA and other local branches.

Central Branch conducts their meetings at the Youth Health centre on the premises of UPA national office.

Aim Central branch advertises for a volunteer that will work hand in hand with the project co-coordinators and peer educators in order to strengthen the present programme and initiate new activities. The MTV is expected to work 2+ days a week with Central Branch. It is possible to combine Central Branch with another placement. Central Branch is liaising with a number of interesting institutions like TASO, AIDS Information centre, local health clinics, schools etc. that could serve as a second placement.
Activities The main activity of Central Branch is Nansana Youth Health and Information Programme. The programme aims to increase awareness on issues of adolescent sexual health and reproductive health through counseling and accessibility to accurate information. Approximately, 10 volunteers from Central Branch and a number of peer educators are presently running the programme.
Volunteer task 
  • Creating a resource centre for the youth to access information on adolescent sexual and reproductive health, STDs, HIV/AIDS, prevention and care.
  • Organizing seminars, workshops, sports galas and reach out activities.
  • Peer education, outreaches and school visits.
  • Form youth clubs in schools to aid the continuation of activities in the community.
  • Design news letters and brochures
  • Support the coordinators of the project
  • Conduct outreaches with peer educators
  • Designing and updating a web blog
  • Developing monitoring and evaluation tools
  • Computer training
  • Conducting periodical indoor and out door games
  • Identify ways of fundraising / new Partners
Volunteer qualities  Preferable, the MTV has brief knowledge on Peer Education (youth to youth methodologies) and/or other related information activities. The MTV must be able to motivate other volunteers and to a certain degree and work independently.
Rating   Low Medium High
Educational     X
Practical     X
Room for new initiatives     X
Emotional challenging X    
Work load   X  
Rating by volunteers   X  
Working hours  09:00am-04:00pm, 4 days a week (Saturdays included).


Transport By foot since the office and the guest house are adjacent to each other.
Accommodation UPA Guesthouse, Nansana
Comments from UPA Central Branch has been expanding its activities and now has a complete building thanks to the past volunteers who have helped the members fundraise towards its construction. it is a good placement for volunteers that want to engage in campaigns towards creating awareness towards young people about the problem of HIV/AIDS
Communication The mode of communication is English both in meetings and the outreaches in schools
Past Volunteers From Netherlands, Germany and UK

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