Back ground information Community development concerns initiative came into operation in March 2008 through the efforts and crafty minds of an experienced team of social workers. With a choice of Nsangi Sub County as our area of operation, we made our first step into the community with curious intentions that were exhibited through vigorous community/baseline surveys. Driven by the research question of, what blocks the child and vulnerable child from enjoying their life and dignity to the full,
Aim To improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable children and families.
  • To sustain livelihood security of house holds and child nutrition   through sustainable agricultural practices.
  • To improve health status of families by reducing the occurrence of preventable and immunizable diseases and increase access to basic health care practices.
  • To strengthen the capacity of staff to improve child and sponsor relationships, spirituality among children and advocate for children’s rights.
  • Promote prevention, care and support for communities and people affected and infected with HIV-AIDS.
  • To strengthen the Relationship between the program and local institutions as a way of building sustainability.
  • To carry out Advocacy and Child protection campaigns in schools and communities. And to network with FBO (Faith Based Organisation), CBO (community based organisations) civil society organisations in the above mentioned campaigns and Advocacy.
  • To engage in child sponsorship management through registering children for secondary education.
Volunteers tasks
  • To work with the entire CDCI team in conducting baseline surveys for the proposed new projects.
  • To partner with the entire CDCI staff in implementation of the various activities such as, sensitization about HIV/AIDS in both primary and secondary schools, playing a facilitative role in our University training projects, Participating in our school tree planting exercise, engaging in home visits, and health talks at community level, counseling care and referral in under the HIV/AIDS and reproductive health department among others.
  • To write report with assistance or on behalf of the immediate supervisor that may come at the end of the activity in which the volunteer in question is involved.
  • CDCI volunteers are equally expected to take part in the monitoring and evaluation of the various activities undertaken.
  • As a continuously learning organization CDCI expects its volunteers to provide a learning avenue. Therefore they bare to use their learnt experiences in the field, their technical skills and knowledge and research  findings to advance elevate our level of knowledge
  • Related to the above, CDCI volunteers who happen to work in the knowledge giving projects and sub projects are expected to devote time and thought on research. This makes both the organization and the recipients of our knowledge service to render the volunteer creditable and fit.


communication The means of communication is English, but in the community translator will be engaged.
Volunteer qualities
  • The heart of serving for the wellbeing of the vulnerable child and family.
  • Our volunteers should be motivated to work under all circumstances.
  • Volunteers should be accountable or own results and their implications and should remain questionable like other members of staff.
  • Experience in teaching is desirable but not necessary.
  • Previous undertaking of voluntary tasks is an added advantage and a stepping stone.
  • Career prospects stating intention of working with or initiating a voluntary project.
Rating Education Low Medium High






Working hours

Practice   X  
Room for new initiative     X
Emotional challenge     X
Workload     X
Rating by volunteers   X  
From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm East African time
Transport Volunteers who are will be working on the CDCI community projects will be residing in a walk able distance to the offices and to their work stations. Where need be, and that the volunteer are required to work in distant projects like the training project, there will be transport organized by the organization.
Accommodation Accommodating the volunteers will be done by CDCI which is the hosting organization.


Comments from UPA CDCI is a new project. However, this calls for a Volunteer with a lot of patience and the love for children.
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