Bethesda Care Organisation



Back ground After realizing the need for joining the world in fighting the HIV/AIDS disease, the Organization  was started on  27th/11/2006 and meant to be a non profit making, non sectarian, non political, and non governmental organization.
  • The organization was set  up to counsel, test and take care of the mothers and children who are sick of  HIV and do not have any care, and there by building hope to the hopeless.
  • Carrying out VCT in the communities like trading centres, schools, and churches, on all categories of people.
  • To teach, sensitize, and counsel as many people as possible in the areas of operation about the scourge, HIV/ AIDS.
  • Reducing the stigma especially on the affected and the infected members of the communities of operation especially the children and women by counseling.
  • Give support in form of materials, nutritional foods, and otherwise, to the selected infected groups particularly children and mothers, after a good follow up.
Volunteers task
  • To do counseling before and after blood testing of the clients (VCT).
  • Visiting the orphans in their respective families and writing report about their health status.
  • General home visits to the people living with HIV/AIDS and giving necessary counseling to such groups.
  • Food distribution to the people living with HIV/AIDS as the organization will have given the order according to the most needy
  • Volunteering in the Nursing training school by teaching if possible.
  • Volunteering in the counseling, training of trainers or counselors themselves.
Volunteer Qualities





  • Be ready to work with less supervision
  • Be emotionally strong as it involves working with and on people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Volunteer should be willing to be accommodated with a family or at the training centre (Institute).
  Low Medium High
Education   X  
Practical     X
Room for new initiatives     X
Emotional challenging     X
Work load   X  
Rating by volunteer     X


Working hours The working hours shall be from 09:00am to 05:00pm.

And the organization will arrange the volunteers visits to some places 4 the weekends. The areas have been identified

Transport Transport has been arranged by the organization for all the period of volunteers stay with us.
Communication All the people that will be working with the volunteer and working at the center can speak English. However most of the clients in the field may not be able to communicate in English, and in such a case translator will be provided.
Past Volunteers.  From German , Japan, Finland



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