Background Basajjansolo Memorial Training Centre (BMTC) is a project of Basajjansolo Community Development Association (BACODA). BACODA is a Community Based Development Organisation funded and registered in 2003 under Ref. No. CD- 312-03 of Luwero District Community Development Department.
Aim To empower young people especially HIV/AIDS and other disadvantaged orphans in Luwero District to create own jobs for self-reliance
  • To provide basic primary education to HIV/AIDS and other disadvantaged orphans/young people.
  • To provide training in career skills to young people in Luwero District
  • To sensitise young people on their rights towards making informed decisions in their life
    • To provide basic primary education to HIV/AIDS and other disadvantages orphans.
    • To train HIV/AIDS and other disadvantages orphans in career skills capable of making them create and sustain own jobs.
    • To sensitize young people on their rights to enable them make informed decisions in life.
Volunteer tasks 
  • Teach children of the ages 7-12 years in the subjects of Math and English.
  • Play games and sports with children.
    • Music, dance and drama.
    • Psycho- social support to HIV/AIDS
    • HIV/AIDS Counseling and Prevention work in communities, schools and workplaces
    • Assist teachers in preparing learning (visual) aides, home work cards for pupils
    • Volunteer may also assist in School Administration and management on request.
    • Be part of the editing team for the school News letter
    • Prepare and submit updates for sponsored pupils
    • Co-ordinate with sponsors
    • Conduct Home visit to homes of sponsored pupils
Volunteer qualities 
  • BACODA requires that a volunteer has an open mind and be creative. Asef-driven and motivated volunteer, willing to work under minimum supervision. Having administration or management skills would be of an added advantage but not mandatory.
Rating Low Medium High
Educational X
Practical X
Room for new initiatives X
Emotional challenging X
Work load X
Rating by Volunteers X
Working hours The volunteers are required to be at work from 08.00 and will finish at 17.00. However volunteers may work long hours on some special days
Transport BACODA is in Luweero 64kms from Kampala. The volunteers will get there by public means with an estimated cost of about 5,000 Uganda shilling.
Accommodation UPA will organize accommodation with either a family or the volunteer will be given a room rented by UPA in Luwero.
Comments from UPA The placement is new and requires volunteers that are highly motivated and innovative. It is an interesting project and introduces you to a really local setting.
Communication Most locals will speak basic English.
Past Volunteers From Finland, Netherland, Austria, Germany and USA.



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